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Rejoice, togetherness this Diwali, Sharma encourages

Diwali Festival of Lights Many across the world celebrate Diwali or Deepawali – a festival of light which bears the new beginning, happiness, victory over evil as it marks the defeat of Ravana by Lord Ram, said Mr Raj Sharma, the Chief Executive Officer of Sugar Cane Growers Fund. People of Ayodhya welcomed lord Ram and rejoiced by lighting up their houses with lamps and distributing sweets, he said. People may have different beliefs for Diwali but a common is rejoice, togetherness and forgiveness.

A New Beginning Diwali also marks the start of the new Hindu financial year and many people set up new accounts and do new investment, added Mr Sharma. The festival celebrates Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Investment, spending, and purchases are considered auspicious on this day.

Whatever is the myths and beliefs, again the year 2021 at this time sets a new beginning, with pandemic crisis that we as country have gone through. Well we should not put our guards down. We must acknowledge the efforts of the authorities and those who made it possible to overcome this crisis. We should also not forget those beautiful souls that we have lost during this pandemic. There are many lessons for us the mankind- personally or professionally.

We at SCGF also had some of the learning experience but we continued systemically serving our growers! Service to our growers remains top priority and as such we continue to bring up innovative solution and product. We are quite excited about the new technology beginning with mySCGF app.

Celebrate Responsibly

We need to be responsible while celebrating Diwali, if we can share and care with those unfortunate ones among us and or those not celebrating. We also be mindful of the firecrackers, lamps and candles. Just this week we have seen numbers of house fires. On Behalf of the chairman, board and team at SCGF, we wish our growers and everyone a very happy Diwali and New Year.