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Priority Loans


This is an unsecured loan basically to meet the quick personal needs and improve farm production and efficiency in sugar cane farming.

Growers who have loans with other financial institutions, need to obtain consent of those institutions before loan is granted as repayment for this loan is deducted direct from Fiji Sugar Corporation(FSC)

Limit: Maximum $5,000.00


Farm Development and Planting for Sugar Cane, Repair of Farm Equipment, House Repairs, Personal Needs such as: Education Expenses, Funeral, Wedding, Drainage, Roads, Weedicides, Borehole Drilling, Medical Expenses and Purchase of Working Bullocks and Horses as the main.


Commitment Ratio of Loan Repayment to Net Farm Income to be below 60 percent.

Net Farm Income is based on an average of past 3 years or the forecast of the current year’s  cane production.

Interest Rate

Interest rate range from 3-6 percent per annum depending on the purpose [Refer Interest Index Table] and is subject to change from time to time with advance advices. 


Maximum Term of 5 Years and to be fully paid 5 years before lease expiry.


Annual Repayment is deducted in instalment from cane proceed at Fiji Sugar Corporation.       




A. Personal Details of Applicants

  1. Birth Certificate or Voter Registration Card
  2. Acceptable Level Valid Photo ID either [Voter Registration or FNPF Card or Driving License or Passport or Photo with Identification] confirmed by Declaration witnessed by JP or Notary Personnel, Civil Servant, FSC Officer, Bank Officer
  3. Tax Identification Card [Number] of Applicants
  4. Bank Statement [where required]
  5. Income evidence – Salary Slip, FSC Income Slip [& Other Income assumption & projection]

B. Loan Requirement based on Purpose and Whatever is Applicable

  1. Lease or Title Copy [expiry date, ground rental]
  2. Production Details
  3. Loan Details and Verification
  4. Evidence of Contribution or Deposits [where applicable]
  5. Quote for Plants or Machines [where applicable]
  6. Other Purpose Evidence