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Specialised Loan Checklist

A. Personal Details of Applicants

  1. Birth Certificate or Voter Registration Card
  2. Acceptable Level Valid Photo ID either [Voter Registration or FNPF Card or Driving License or Passport or Photo with Identification confirmed by Declaration witnessed by JP or Notary Personnel, Civil Servant, FSC Officer, Bank Officer
  3. Tax Identification Number of Applicants
  4. Bank Statement (where required)
  5. Income evidence – Salary Slip, FSC Income Slip & Other Income assumption & projection)

B. Loan Requirement based on Purpose and Whatever is applicable

  1. Lease or Title Copy ( check expiry date , ground rental)
  2. Production Details
  3. Loan Details and Verification (SCGF , FSC & Banks)
  4. Inspection Report
  5. Valuation Report
  6. Purchase -Sale & Purchase Note or Agreement
  7. Construction – Plan (Approved or Unapproved)
  8. Construction – Quote ( 3)
  9. Evidence of Contribution or Deposits
  10. Quote for Plants or Machines
  11. Valuation of Plants & Machines
  12. Insurance Quote
  13. Other Purpose Evidence